Commvault® provides Unified Data Management™ solutions for high-performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. The Commvault® data platform, based on Commvault's Common Technology Engine, integrates backup and recovery, snapshot management and recovery, active data migration and archiving, e-mail compliance, enterprise service level management and reporting and storage resource management software solutions. The Simpana unified approach is designed to allow customers to add/integrate Simpana components, at a fraction of the time, effort, and money required by separate point products.

NooBaa provides a fast, backup target that seamlessly integrates with existing Commvault solutions. The actual storage can be located on premises based on disks and/or in the cloud, any cloud. For a long-term archive, With NooBaa, it's easy to minimize on-site storage costs by tiering data to the public cloud, while maintaining additional secure layer by using a form of shared, encrypted chunks.

NooBaa expands the target archive from a single location, to multiple locations, while keeping one single endpoint for reading and writing activities. The data location can be easily controlled from NooBaa and makes data mobility a click effort. In a hybrid model, NooBaa ensures the performance and predictability required to archive a large amount of data as quickly as possible and keeps data integrity in place. NooBaa provides target deduplication and compression by default, in order to make the data storage efficient and cost-effective. 

NooBaa introduces policy-based tiering to the cloud and lets you automatically tier old data to any public or private cloud storage for long-term archive. Flexible replication options can be defined for each bucket and provide an immediate data replication between multiple local locations, and even offsite locations. Each application can have its own data replication policies, which keep you aligned with data protection regulation and company policies.

NooBaa also allows cloud only solution, which introduces multi-cloud target in one click. With NooBaa you can write to multiple native cloud storage targets while keeping a simple configuration on Commvault.

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We also acknowledge that you may want to try it first. With NooBaa, it's simple. Check our Community Edition. It's a full feature version, with a 20TB limit only on the stored data.

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