Scale, Move, Change, Own

Storage and serverless functions wherever you need it


NooBaa runs in existing infrastructure, natively integrates with AWS S3, Azure storage for easy hybrid and multi-cloud data protection. With NooBaa, using cloud computing is a matter of click, efficient in storage while keeping the data secured for your eyes only.

NooBaa can run today, on your existing infrastructure, side by side to the current workload.NooBaa can easily help you collaborate with other research centers.

BioIT research


We know your data is important. Genomics data, research results or raw data, it's growing every day. With NooBaa you can scale locally, to a private or public cloud. We will always encrypt the data, compress it and protect it. With NooBaa, efficient deduplication will make sure that you don't keep redundant copies of the same data. 

Serverless functions will allow you to split the data on the fly and use it for your research to boost the performance, data mobility, etc. These functions can also help you run analytics on the fly, on demand, and enrich your metadata 

cut research time