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NooBaa Docs

NooBaa is a highly customizable and dynamic data gateway for objects, providing data services such as caching, tiering, mirroring, dedup, encryption, compression, over any storage resource including S3, GCS, Azure Blob, Filesystems, etc.

The goal is to simplify data flows for admins by connecting to any of the storage silos from private or public clouds, and providing a single scalable data services, using the same S3 API and management tools. NooBaa allows full control over data placement with dynamic policies per bucket or account.

⚠️ THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS ARE WORK IN PROGRESS - for now use the docs from noobaa-core/wiki and noobaa-operator/doc.

Getting Started

User Guide

Basic Usage:

Configuring types of buckets:

  • BucketClass - Configure policies to apply to a class of buckets.
  • BackingStore - Configure cloud or pv storage used in classes as a chunk-storage - aka “data-shredder”.
  • NamespaceStore - Configure cloud or pv storage used in classes for transparent data access.

Creating buckets:

  • OBC - Create buckets and access with ObjectBucketClaims
  • COSI - Create buckets and access with Kubernetes-COSI (pre-alpha)
  • S3-createBucket

Advanced Usage:





Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE